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  • Summary: Ancillary solution recommendations are made use of by mailers to request an addressee's new address as well as to supply the USPS with directions on how you can take care of undeliverable items. Specific recommendations are called for, relying on the course and also weight of the mail item, and are not interchangeable in between classes of mail. Only the correct phrases placed on the suitable courses of mail will certainly be honored by the USPS.
  • Placement: Correct positioning of the recommendation is called for. If the recommendation can not be seen or comprehended, you might not receive the requested solution. The endorsement has to remain in either the upper left edge of the address side of the piece or the upper left edge of the address location of the item, directly below the mailer's return address. The endorsement as well as return address should review parallel as the delivery address. There must be a 1/4 inch clear room over and also listed below the recommendation.
  • Publish Standards: An endorsement has to be printed in no smaller sized compared to 8-point kind, as well as it should attract attention clearly versus its background. Brilliant colored envelopes and reverse printing are not allowed.
Example: Reference charts for First-Class Mail and Requirement Mail highlight typically used endorsements. For a complete listing, see Domestic Mail Guidebook (DMM) 507.1.0. For assistance, call your postal business center (G041). Document provided by Las Vegas SEO company


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